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VII/5A              Star Clusters and Associations, Selected Data (Alter+ 1970)

Excerpt from the Catalogue of Stars Clusters and Associations Alter G., Ruprecht J., Vanysek V. <Akad. Kiado, Budapest, 3086 p., 2nd edition (1970)>
ADC_Keywords: Associations, stellar ; Clusters, open Description: The catalog is a selection of data on all open clusters extracted from the second, considerably enlarged edition of the "Catalogue of Star Clusters and Associations" edited by Alter, Balazs, and Ruprecht (1970), which includes four parts: Part 1: 1039 open clusters, five moving clusters, and 11 stellar groups; Part 2: 70 OB associations; Part 3: 125 globular clusters; Part 4: 28 extragalactic objects. The catalog includes galactic and equatorial coordinates, name, classification, angular diameter, distance, magnitude and spectral types of the brightest stars, total magnitude, and color excess. References: Alter, G., Balazs, B., and Ruprecht, J. 1970, Catalogue of Star Clusters and Associations, 2nd Edition, Akademiai Kiada Budapest, printed in Hungary (card form) See also:
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