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J/A+AS/106/377/table1 Double star measurements (Couteau+, 1994)
Double stars measurements (831 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
783recno 783  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

Ident.ADS 16211BC  ADS, BD or AC identification (
NomBU 1144  Couple name (
mv 3.1 mag total visual magnitude (phot.mag;em.opt.V)
Jpos22430N3013  J2000 position (pos.eq)
date1989.795 yr Observation epoch (time.epoch)
theta 84.7 deg position angle (pos.posAng)
n_theta   A '-' indicates a range of position angle; for other symbols, see (Note 1)   (meta.note)
theta2  deg Second position angle when n_theta = '-' (pos.posAng)
rho 0.200 arcsec Separation angle (pos.angDistance)
u_rho   rms uncertainty on rho (meta.code.error)
n_rho   Quadrant indication (Note 2)   (meta.note)
md    magnitude difference or magnitude of the faintest star if u_md = '-' (phot.mag;arith.diff)
u_md    [-!?] rms uncertainty on md A '-' indicates that the individual magnitudes are given (meta.code.error)
mv2    magnitude of the brightest star (phot.mag)
Nobs1N  Observation nights number followed by N for 74cm instrument and n for 50cm instrument (
n_Nobs   '(60)' indicates that the great instrument have been diaphragmed at 60cm (meta.note)
ObsG   [CG] Observator initial: C for Couteau, G for Gili (meta.note)
R   Remarks (meta.note)
elapse time 0

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