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J/ApJS/164/1/table4 IGM absorbers toward HE 0226-4110 (Lehner+, 2006)
InterGalactic Medium absorbers toward HE 0226-4110 (57 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
40recno 40  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

zA 0.27155  (i) System absorber's redshift (linked to observed lines of this absorber ) (src.redshift)
z 0.27147  Absorber redshift (src.redshift)
n_zb  Note on redshifts (Note G1)   (meta.note)
l_logN(HI)   The 3σ upper limit flag on logN(HI) (meta.code.error)
logN(HI)13.85 [cm-2] Log of the HI column density (phys.columnDensity)
e_logN(HI) 0.07 [cm-2] The 1σ error in logN(HI) (stat.error)
u_logN(HI)   Uncertainty flag in logN(HI) (meta.code.error)
bHI 25.7 km/s The HI Doppler parameter (spect.dopplerParam)
e_bHI 4.2 km/s The 1σ error in bHI (stat.error)
u_bHI   Uncertainty flag in bHI (meta.code.error)
l_logN(CIII)<  The 3σ upper limit flag on logN(CIII) (meta.code.error)
logN(CIII)12.52 [cm-2] Log of the CIII column density (phys.columnDensity)
E_logN(CIII)  [cm-2] Upper 1σ error limit in logN(CIII) (stat.error;stat.max)
e_logN(CIII)  [cm-2] Lower 1σ error limit (or 1σ error) in logN(CIII) (stat.error)
l_logN(OIII)<  The 3σ upper limit flag on logN(OIII) (meta.code.error)
logN(OIII)13.40 [cm-2] Log of the OIII column density (phys.columnDensity)
e_logN(OIII)  [cm-2] The 1σ error in logN(OIII) (stat.error)
f_logN(OIII)    [n] Flag on logN(OIII) (Note 2)   (meta.code)
l_logN(OIV)<  The 3σ upper limit or lower limit flag on logN(OIV) (meta.code.error)
logN(OIV)13.65 [cm-2] Log of the OIV column density (phys.columnDensity)
e_logN(OIV)  [cm-2] The 1σ error in logN(OIV) (stat.error)
u_logN(OIV)   Uncertainty flag in logN(OIV) (meta.code.error)
f_logN(OIV)    [n] Flag on logN(OIV) (Note 2)   (meta.code)
l_logN(OVI)<  The 3σ upper limit flag on logN(OVI) (meta.code.error)
logN(OVI)13.22 [cm-2] Log of the OVI column density (phys.columnDensity)
e_logN(OVI)  [cm-2] The 1σ error in logN(OVI) (stat.error)
u_logN(OVI)   Uncertainty flag on logN(OVI) (meta.code.error)
l_logN(NeVIII)<  The 3σ upper limit flag on logN(NeVIII) (meta.code.error)
logN(NeVIII)13.73 [cm-2] Log of the NeVIII column density (phys.columnDensity)
e_logN(NeVIII)  [cm-2] The 1σ error in logN(NeVIII) (stat.error)
f_logN(NeVIII)    [n] Flag on logN(NeVIII) (Note 2)   (meta.code)
elapse time 0
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