VI/44       Finding List of Interacting Binares, 5th ed. (Wood+ 1980)
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Beginning of ReadMe : VI/44 Finding List of Interacting Binaries, 5th ed. (Wood+ 1980) ================================================================================ A Finding List for Observers of Interacting Binary Systems, 5th Edition Wood F.B., Oliver J.P., Florkowski D.R., Koch R.H. <Publ. Dept. of Astron., Univ. of Florida, Vol. I (1980)> ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Binaries, eclipsing ; Binaries, orbits ; Binaries, spectroscopic ; Finding lists ; Stars, double and multiple Description: This catalog is abstracted from the Card Catalog maintained at the University of Florida containing information on all published, and to the extent available, unpublished work on eclipsing binaries. The fifth edition differs from the previous ones in the extension of the magnitude limit at maximum light from 13 to 15. The catalog fields are Finding List number; star name; position (equinox 1900); blue magnitude at maximum light; bandpass of maximum light; depth of primary minimum in same bandpass; bandpass primary minimum; depth of secondary minimum and its bandpass; spectral class of star eclipsed at primary light and optional uncertainty character; spectral class of star eclipsed at secondary light; most recent reliable epoch of primary minimum; most recent orbital period; duration of primary minimum; duration of totality of primary minimum; BD, CoD, CPD, and HD number; alternate designations of system; codes indicating the nature of the system.