CDS.headStuff2 ASU Extensions for CDS-VizieR

This page contains the definitions of the extensions to ASU.home adopted at CDS, essentially for the Ala.home usage; and for the data-mining project.

Summary of ASU Extensions at CDS:


1  -out

Some additional conventions to denote the columns are used in VizieR:
||*  ||indicates all default columns; ||
||**  ||indicates all columns (not only the
	default ones) ||
||*mime(type)  ||indicates the columns with a link
	to the specified mime type ||
||*ucd  ||indicates the columns corresponding to the
		specifed UCD ||
||_V  ||a column with just the letter V as a link to the full 
||_r  ||the distance from the center ||
||_x  ||the distance from the center projected toward East ||
||_y  ||the distance from the center projected toward North ||
||_RA(Equinox,Epoch)  ||the right ascension in 
	another coordinate frame ||
||_DE(Equinox,Epoch)  ||the declination in 
	another coordinate frame ||
||_Glon  ||the galactic longitude ||
||_Glat  ||the galactic latitude ||

2  -meta

The following META queries were implemented in the vizglu program, which is aimed to query for GLU (Générateur de Liens Uniforme) usage:

lists all metadata (column descriptions)
lists the existing possibilities of the -meta query facilities
defines the limit of the catalogues retrieved (default: 100)
lists the catalogue acronyms known in VizieR.
lists the catalogue acronyms related to large surveys — typically reference lists covering the whole sky and containing at least 500×106 objects.
lists the complete set of keywords known in VizieR. The keywords are grouped by categories (currently 3 categories)
show the UCDs attached to each column

3  -survey

This option simply eliminates the survey catalogues from the list of catalogues. This option could be implemented as a keyword, but is not presently.

4  Usage of Lists in VizieR

For lists – typically a list of target objects or positions on the sky – the following format is used:


i.e. the first line contains the delimiter or sentinel placed immediately after the << sign. This sentinel indicates the end of the list; to be recognized, it has to be placed at the left margin.

As an example, the following is a list of targets:


3C 273
NGC 4321