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  HI self-absorption (HISA) survey in the CGPS (Gibson+, 2005)
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1.J/ApJ/626/195/table1(c)Major CGPS HI Self-Absorption (HISA) features (69 rows)
2.J/ApJ/626/195/table2Prior HISA studies in the CGPS region (28 rows)

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Column  Constraint Explain   (UCD)
  (ALL)recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  (1)GHISA (char) Feature designation (<GHISA> in Simbad) (;meta.main)
  (1)GLON deg Galactic longitude (Note 1)   (pos.galactic.lon)
  (1)GLAT deg Galactic latitude (Note 1)   (
  (1)VLSR km/s Local standard of rest velocity (Note 1)   (phys.veloc;pos.lsr)
  (1)Dlon deg Δl box dimension (Note 2)   (phys.angSize;src)
  (1)Dlat deg Δb box dimension (Note 2)   (phys.angSize;src)
  (1)Dv km/s Δv box dimension (Note 2)   (phys.veloc;arith.diff)
  (1)Vol occupied by |ΔT|>0 voxels (Note 3)   (phys.volume)
  (1)Area deg2 Projected area of feature volume (phys.angSize)
  (1)IntAbs integrated absorption of feature ∫ΔT.dV (phys.absorption)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (1)<dT> K [-25/-7] Mean absorption <ΔT> per voxel (Note 4)   (phys.absorption)
  (1)dTmin K [-81/-27] Maximum absorption in any voxel (ΔTmin=-|ΔT|max) (phys.absorption)
  (1)<Tu> K [71/108] Mean unabsorbed brightness temperature TU per voxel (phys.temperature;stat.mean)
  (1)phiU   [0/1] Fraction φU of detected volume for which TU≥80K (Note 5)   (
  (1)etaV   [0.6/1] Fraction of detected volume (Note 6)   (
  (1)etaT   [0.6/1] Fraction of detected absorption (Note 7)   (
  (1)Ref (char) Prior detections of this feature in the literature, if any (references in table2) (meta.bib)
  (1)_RA.icrs deg (n)(i) Right ascension (ICRS) (computed by VizieR, not part of the original data) (pos.eq.ra)
  (1)_DE.icrs deg (n)(i) Declination (ICRS) (computed by VizieR, not part of the original data) (pos.eq.dec)
  (2)Ref   [1/28] Reference number (;meta.main)
  (2)Bibcode (char) Bibcode (meta.bib.bibcode)
  (2)Aut (char) Author's name (
  (2)Tel (char) Name of radio telescope (;
  (2)n_Tel (char) Observation of a survey (Note 1)   (meta.note)
  (2)Beam deg Angular resolution (FWHM) (phys.angSize;instr.beam)
  (2)Dv (char) km/s Velocity channel separation Δv (km/s) (spect.resolution)
  (2)Map (char) [Yn] Were maps made of HISA features? (meta.code)
  (2)Nc   [1/41] Number of features covered (Note 2)   (meta.number)
  (2)Nf   [0/29] Number of features found (Note 3)   (meta.number)
  (2)Nm   [0/17] Number of major features (Note 4)   (meta.number)

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