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  Galaxies in X-ray groups. I. COSMOS memberships (George+, 2011)
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1.J/ApJ/742/125/xgroupsCOSMOS X-ray group membership catalog (original column names in green) (183 rows)

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  recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  GID  (i) [11/345] Group ID number (<[GLB2011] Group NNN> in Simbad) (GROUP_ID) (
  RAJ2000 deg (i) [149.4/151] X-ray right ascension (J2000) (RA) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
  DEJ2000 deg (i) [1.5/3] X-ray declination (J2000) (DEC) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
  ePos deg [0.00014/0.009] Position uncertainty of X-ray source (XRAY_POS_ERR) (stat.error;pos)
  z   [0.078/1] Group redshift (REDSHIFT) (Note 1)   (src.redshift)
  e_z   [0.00013/0.014] z uncertainty (REDSHIFT_ERR) (stat.error;src.redshift)
  logLx [10-7W] [41.3/44.1] Log of X-ray luminosity in the rest-frame 0.1-2.4keV band; in erg/s units (LX) (phys.luminosity;em.X-ray)
  e_logLx [10-7W] [40.7/42.9] logLx uncertainty (LX_ERR) (stat.error)
  LxScale   [41.3/43.9] log of scaled X-ray luminosity (Lx/E(z)) (LX_SCALE) (phys.luminosity;em.X-ray)
  Fx [mW/m2] [-15.5/-12.7] log of extrapolated 0.5-2kev flux within R500 in ergs/s/cm2 (XRAY_FLUX) (phot.flux;em.X-ray)

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 (i)indexed column
  e_Fx [mW/m2] [-15.7/-14.3] Fx uncertainty (XRAY_FLUX_ERR) (stat.error)
  Mask   [0/1] Mask flag (1=masked, 0=clean) (FLAG_MASK) (meta.code)
  Poor   [0/1] Poor group flag (1=three or fewer members, 0=4+ members) (FLAG_POOR) (meta.code)
  Merger   [0/4] Merger flag (N=number of overlapping groups) (FLAG_MERGER) (meta.code)
  Qual   [0/1] Combined quality flag (1=good (129 occurrences) or 0=bad) (FLAG_INCLUDE) (meta.code.qual)
  logM200c [Msun] [12.8/14.4] log Mass M200c (M200C) (phys.mass)
  R200c Mpc [0.36/1.1] Physical radius R200c (R200C_MPC) (phys.size.radius)
  AR200c arcsec [53/347.1] Angular radius at group redshift (R200C_AS) (phys.angSize)
  Conc200c   [3.5/5.4] Concentration c200c (C=R200/Rscale) (meta.note)
  Nmm   [0/219] Number of group members (P_MEM>0.5) (NMEM) (meta.number)
  Ng  (n)Number of sources around this group (link to xgal table) (meta.number)
  Pmm   [0/166.418] Sum of P_MEM over all galaxies (NMEM_W) (
  RAMdeg deg (n) [149.4/151] Right ascension of Most Massive Group Galaxy within NFW scale radius (J2000) (RA_MMGGS) (pos.eq.ra)
  DEMdeg deg (n) [1.6/3] Declination of Most Massive Group Galaxy within NFW scale radius (J2000) (DEC_MMGGS) (pos.eq.dec)
  MMGGS  (n) [1050/200932] ID number of Most Massive Group Galaxy within Navarro-Frenk-White (NFW) scale radius (MMGGS) (ID_MMGGS) (
  logMM [Msun] (n) [9/12] Log of stellar mass of MMGGS (SM_MMGGS) (phys.mass)
  RAZdeg deg (n) [149.4/151] RA_MMGGS using spectroscopic redshift (RA_MMGGS_ZBEST) (pos.eq.ra)
  DEZdeg deg (n) [1.6/3] DEC_MMGGS using spectroscopic redshift (DEC_MMGGS_ZBEST) (pos.eq.dec)
  IDzM  (n) [1050/200991] ID_MMGGS using spectroscopic redshift (ID_MMGGS_ZBEST) (
  [GLB2011] (char) COSMOS CL JHHMMSS.s+DDMMSS name (NAME) (;meta.main)
  xFlag   [1/3] X-ray quality flag (Note 2)   (meta.code.qual)

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