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  The multiplicity of M dwarfs in young moving groups (Shan+, 2017)
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1.J/ApJ/846/93/target(c)Young moving group (YMG) low-mass target data (tables 3 and 4) (105 rows)
2.J/ApJ/846/93/table5Astrometric measurements for visual binary (VB) candidates from this work (41 rows)
3.J/ApJ/846/93/table8System properties of visual doubles observed by Clio (27 rows)

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Column  Constraint Explain   (UCD)
  (ALL)recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  (1+3)YMG (char) Abbreviated YMG name (Note 1)   (
  (1)2MASS (char) 2MASS target identifier (;meta.main)
  (1)f_2MASS (char) [a] Flag on 2MASS (Note 2)   (meta.code)
   (ALL)AName (char) (i) Abbreviated name of target (
  (1)Bin (char) Display the visual binary data (tables 5 and 8) (meta.ref.url)
  (1)RAJ2000 "h:m:s" (i) [0/23] Hour of Right Ascension (J2000) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
  (1)DEJ2000 "d:m:s" (i) [32/79] Degree of Declination (J2000) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
  (1+3)SpT (char) MK spectral type (src.spType)
  (1+3)Dist pc [16/120] Distance estimate (Note 3)   (pos.distance;pos.heliocentric)
  (1+3)e_Dist pc [0/19] Uncertainty in Dist (stat.error)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (1)f_Dist (char) [cdef] Flag on Dist (Note 4)   (meta.code)
  (1)r_Dist   [1/5] Reference on Dist (Note 5)   (meta.ref;pos.frame)
  (1)Jmag mag [7.5/11.7] 2MASS apparent J band magnitude (phot.mag;em.IR.J)
  (1)Hmag mag [6.9/11.2] 2MASS apparent H band magnitude (phot.mag;em.IR.H)
  (1)Ksmag mag [6.7/11] 2MASS apparent Ks band magnitude (phot.mag;em.IR.K)
  (1)Mp Msun (n) [0.1/0.9] Primary Mass (Note 6)   (phys.mass)
  (1)Simbad (char) ask the Simbad data-base about this object (meta.ref.url)
  (1)Nep   [1/4] Number of epochs observed (meta.number)
  (1+2)Epoch "Y:M:D" (n)Best epoch (UT date) (time.epoch;meta.modelled)
   (ALL)Band (char) Band (H or Ks) (meta.code;instr.filter)
  (1)bmin arcsec [0.02/0.3] Semi-Minor axis of PSF at half-max (phys.angSize)
  (1)e_bmin arcsec [0/0.05] Uncertainty in bmin (stat.error)
  (1)b/a   [0.6/1] Axis ratio of PSF at half-max; Minor/Major (phys.angSize;arith.ratio)

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
  (1)e_b/a   [0/0.2] Uncertainty in b/a (stat.error)
   (ALL)PA deg [4/178] Orientation angle of PSF; East of North (pos.posAng)
   (ALL)e_PA deg [1/47] Uncertainty in PA (stat.error)
  (1)Mult (char) Multiplicity status (Note 1)   (meta.code.multip)
  (2)pmRA [mas/yr] (n) [-54.6/97.2] Proper motion in RA; *cos(DEC) (Note 1)   (;pos.eq.ra)
  (2)e_pmRA [mas/yr] (n) [0.9/6.3] Error in pmRA (stat.error;;pos.eq.ra)
  (2)pmDE [mas/yr] (n) [-104.1/45.8] Proper motion in Declination (;pos.eq.dec)
  (2)e_pmDE [mas/yr] (n) [0.8/5.1] Error in pmDE (stat.error;;pos.eq.dec)
  (2+3)Sep arcsec (n) [0.05/3.2] Angular separation (pos.angDistance)
  (2+3)e_Sep arcsec (n) [0/0.05] Error in Sep (stat.error)
  (2)f_Sep (char) [ce] Flag on Sep (Note 2)   (meta.code)
  (2+3)dMag mag (n) [0.03/5.2] Delta-magnitude (phot.mag)
  (2+3)e_dMag mag (n) [0.01/0.3] Error in dMag (stat.error;phot.mag)

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
  (2+3)CoMv (char) Comoving flag (Note G1)   (meta.code)
  (3)Epoch (char) Best epoch of observation (time.epoch;obs)
  (3)Punbd % [0/0.08] Unbound probability (stat)
  (3)PSep AU [1.1/281.4] Projected physical separation (pos.angDistance)
  (3)e_PSep AU [0.1/16.1] Error on PSep (stat.error)
  (3)Mp [Msun] (n) [0.1/0.9] Primary mass (phys.mass)
  (3)Ms [Msun] (n) [0.04/0.7] Secondary mass (phys.mass)
  (3)q  (n) [0.1/1] Mass ratio; Mprim/Msec (phys.mass)
  (3)Known (char) Known binary? (14 "yes") (meta.code)
  (3)Notes (char) Notes (Note 1)   (meta.note)

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
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