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  Catalogue of the Brightest Stars (Ochsenbein+ 1988)
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1.V/53A/catalog(c)The Catalogue (1628 rows)
2.V/53A/namesStar names / Noms des etoiles (80 rows)

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Column  Constraint Explain   (UCD)
  (ALL)recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification.
   (ALL)HR  (i) [1/9110] "Bright Star" catalog V/50
  (1)n_HR (char) indicates that name(s) exist for this star in the file "names.dat" (indique l'existence de nom(s) usuels)
  (1)HR_data (char) Link to all parameters and notes from the Bright Star Catalogue
  (1)HD   [1/225300] Henry Draper" catalog III/135
  (1)Flamsteed  (n) Flamsteed number
  (1)Bayer (char) Greek letter (lettre grecque)
  (1)Const (char) Constellation Name (3 characters)
  (1)VarName (char) Designation as Variable Star
  (1)RA2000 "h:m:s" (i) Right Ascension 2000 (hours) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
  (1)DE2000 "d:m:s" (i) Declination 2000 (degrees) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
  (1)precRA 0.1s/a Precession in RA for 10 years
  (1)precDE arcsec/a Precession in DE for 10 years
  (1)ELON deg Ecliptic longitude, J2000
  (1)ELAT deg Ecliptic latitude, J2000
  (1)GLON deg Galactic longitude
  (1)GLAT deg Galactic latitude
  (1)HRm   [0,9110] 2nd HR number when combined (Note 4)   
  (1)HIP  (n) Hipparcos (Cat. I/239) designation (Note 4)   
  (1)n_HIP (char) [*] Note on Plx, pmRA, pmDE (Note 4)   
  (1)HIP_data (char) Link to all parameters supplied by the results of the Hipparcos mission
  (1)Plx mas (n) Parallax from Hipparcos (1) (Note 4)   
  (1)pmRA mas/yr Proper motion (mouvement propre) in RA (4) (Note 9)   
  (1)pmDE mas/yr Proper motion (mouvement propre) in DE (Note 4)   

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
  (1)RA(ICRS) deg (n) Right ascension from Hipparcos (Note 10)   (pos.eq.ra)
  (1)DE(ICRS) deg (n) Declination from Hipparcos (Note 10)   (pos.eq.dec)
  (1)Dist al Distance of star in light-years (Note 5)   
  (1)n_Dist (char) [ts] Trigonometric/Spectroscopic distance (Note 5)   
  (1)RVel km/s Radial velocity (vitesse radiale)
  (1)n_RVel (char) [VSB12O? ] Comment on RVel (Note 3)   
  (1)Vmag mag [-1.46/5.03] Visual magnitude (magnitude visuelle)
  (1)B-V mag (n) B-V (Johnson) index (Note 2)   
  (1)U-B mag (n) U-B (Johnson) index (Note 2)   
  (1)V-R mag (n) V-R (Johnson) index (Note 2)   
  (1)R-I mag (n) R-I (Johnson) index (Note 2)   
  (1)b-y mag (n) Stromegren index (Note 2)   
  (1)m1 mag (n) Stroemgren index (Note 2)   

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
  (1)c1 mag (n) Stroemgren index (Note 2)   
  (1)Hbeta mag (n) Stroemgren index (Note 2)   
  (1)l_vsini (char) [:<] Limit flag for vsini (Note 6)   
  (1)vsini km/s (n) Projected rotational velocity (projection de la vitesse de rotation sur la ligne de visee) (Note 1)   
  (1)u_vsini (char) ':' for uncertainty (marque d'incertitude)
  (1)Wgamma 0.1nm (n) Equivalent width of H-gamma line (largeur equivalente de la raie Hgamma) (en Angstroem = 10-10m) (Note 1)   
  (1)WilsonLC (char) Wilson Luminosity Class (Note 7)   
  (1)SpType (char) MK Spectral Type
  (1)LClass  (n) [1/6] Numeric Luminosity Class (classe de luminosite exprimee en chiffre) (Note 1)   
  (1)nComp  (n) [1/13] Number of visual components (nombre de composantes visuelles)
  (1)Dmag mag (n) Magnitude difference between components (difference de magnitude entre les composantes) Comp (Note 1)   
  (1)Sep arcsec (n) Separation between Comp (Note 1)   
  (1)Comp (char) Designation of components (Note 8)   
  (1)Simbad (char) ask the Simbad data-base about this object
  (2)Name (char) Common name of the star / Nom usuel

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
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