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III/198/spectro Palomar/MSU nearby star spectroscopic survey (Hawley+ 1997)
Bandstrengths (table 3 of paper I and table 2 of paper II) (2008 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
715recno 715  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

Samn   [ns] n=North (paper I), s=South (paper II) (
CNS31385  (i) [1/3810] Star number (row number in CNS3) (linked to details about this star from all tables) (;meta.main)
m_CNS3   Multiplicity index on star (meta.code.multip)
TiO1 0.90   TiO1 index: F(6718-6723)/F(6703-6708) (spect.index)
TiO2 0.93   TiO2 index: F(7058-7061)/F(7043-7046) (spect.index)
TiO3 0.97   TiO3 index: F(7092-7097)/F(7079-7084) (spect.index)
TiO4 0.93   TiO4 index: F(7130-7135)/F(7115-7120) (spect.index)
TiO5 0.91   TiO5 index: F(7126-7135)/F(7042-7046) (spect.index)
CaH1 0.92   CaH1 index: F(6380-6390)/F(6345-6355,6410-6420)) (spect.index)
CaH2 0.76   CaH2 index: F(6814-6846)/F(7042-7046) (spect.index)
CaH3 0.88   CaH3 index: F(6960-6990)/F(7042-7046) (spect.index)
CaOH 0.80   CaOH index: F(6230-6240)/F(6345-6354) (spect.index)
Halpha    H-α index: F(6560-6566)/F(6545-6555) (spect.index)

GlGl  show the details from the Catalog of Nearby Stars (V/70) (meta.ref.url)
elapse time 0

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