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J/A+A/649/A6/table1r Gaia Catalogue of Nearby Stars - GCNS (Gaia collaboration, 2021)
Rejected objects (880428 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
_RAJ200013 59 28.689829 "h:m:s" Right ascension (FK5, Equinox=J2000.0) at Epoch=J2000, proper motions taken into account (pos.eq.ra)
_DEJ2000+71 24 42.96574 "d:m:s" Declination (FK5, Equinox=J2000.0) at Epoch=J2000, proper motions taken into account (pos.eq.dec)
_RAB195013 58 34.409944 "h:m:s" Right ascension (FK4, Equinox=B1950.0) at Epoch=J1950, proper motions taken into account (pos.eq.ra)
_DEB1950+71 39 16.88689 "d:m:s" Declination (FK4, Equinox=B1950.0) at Epoch=J1950, proper motions taken into account (pos.eq.dec)
_Glon115.392506193 deg Galactic longitude at Epoch=J2016, proper motions taken into account (pos.galactic.lon)
_Glat+44.707323939 deg Galactic latitude at Epoch=J2016, proper motions taken into account (
221208recno 221208  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

GaiaEDR31675270655438773120  Gaia EDR3 source ID (source_id) (;meta.main)
RA_ICRS209.8692829 deg (i) Right ascension (ICRS) at Ep=2016.0 (ra) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
e_RA_ICRS 0.03546 mas Error on RAdeg (ra_error) (stat.error;pos.eq.ra)
DE_ICRS+71.4115671 deg (i) Declination (ICRS) at Ep=2016.0 (dec) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
e_DE_ICRS 0.03356 mas Error on DEdeg (dec_error) (stat.error;pos.eq.dec)
Plx 9.401 mas Parallax (parallax) (pos.parallax)
e_Plx 0.03622 mas Parallax error (parallax_error) (stat.error;pos.parallax)
pmRA -18.508 mas/yr Proper motion in RA, pmRA*cosDE (pmra) (;pos.eq.ra)
e_pmRA 0.04723 mas/yr RA proper motion error (pmra_error) (stat.error;;pos.eq.ra)
pmDE -82.761 mas/yr Proper motion in DE (pmdec) (;pos.eq.dec)
e_pmDE 0.04181 mas/yr DE proper motion error (pmdec_error) (stat.error;;pos.eq.dec)
Gmag 16.4629 mag Gaia G Band magnitude (photgmean_mag) (phot.mag;stat.mean;em.opt)
RFG 1296.59   Flux to flux error ratio in G band (photgmeanfluxover_error) (arith.ratio)
BPmag 18.1979 mag Gaia BP Band magnitude (photbpmean_mag) (phot.mag;stat.mean;em.opt.B)
RFBP 82.05   Flux to flux error ratio in BP band (photbpmeanfluxover_error) (arith.ratio)
RPmag 15.2032 mag Gaia RP Band magnitude (photrpmean_mag) (phot.mag;stat.mean;em.opt.R)
RFRP 483.12   Flux to flux error ratio in RP band (photrpmeanfluxover_error) (arith.ratio)
E(BP/RP) 1.4898   BP/RP excess factor (photbprpexcessfactor) (stat.value)
RUWE 0.98  Renormalised Error (ruwe) (stat.error)
IPDfmp 0  Double peak flag (ipdfracmulti_peak) (meta.code)
RV  km/s Adopted Radial Velocity (adoptedRV) (phys.veloc;pos.heliocentric)
e_RV  km/s Error in adopted RV (adoptedRV_error) (stat.error)
r_RV   Reference bibcode for RV (adoptedRV_refname) (meta.ref;pos.frame)
f_RVF   T/F if eDR3 RV (radialvelocityis_valid) (meta.code)
GCNSprob 1.000   Good astrometry probability (GCNS_prob) (
WDprob 0.000   White dwarf probability (WD_prob) (
Dist1 0.10541 kpc 1% distance (dist_1) (pos.distance;stat.error;stat.min)
Dist16 0.10596 kpc 16% distance (dist_16) (pos.distance;stat.error;stat.min)
Dist50 0.10636 kpc 50% distance (dist_50) (pos.distance)
Dist84 0.10678 kpc 84% distance (dist_84) (pos.distance;stat.error;stat.max)
xcoord50 -32.41389 pc x in Galactic frame (xcoord_50) (pos.cartesian.x;pos.galactic)
xcoord16 -32.29139 pc x 1 sigma lower bound (xcoord_16) (stat.stdev;pos.cartesian.x;stat.min)
xcoord84 -32.54243 pc x 1 sigma upper bound (xcoord_84) (stat.stdev;pos.cartesian.x;stat.max)
ycoord50 68.28654 pc y in Galactic frame (ycoord_50) (pos.cartesian.y;pos.galactic)
ycoord16 68.02846 pc y 1 sigma lower bound (ycoord_16) (stat.stdev;pos.cartesian.y;stat.min)
ycoord84 68.55733 pc y 1 sigma upper bound (ycoord_84) (stat.stdev;pos.cartesian.y;stat.max)
zcoord50 74.82078 pc z in Galactic frame (zcoord_50) (pos.cartesian.z;pos.galactic)
zcoord16 74.53799 pc z 1 sigma lower bound (zcoord_16) (stat.stdev;pos.cartesian.z;stat.min)
zcoord84 75.11748 pc z 1 sigma upper bound (zcoord_84) (stat.stdev;pos.cartesian.z;stat.max)
Uvel50  km/s U in Galactic frame (uvel_50) (phys.veloc;pos.cartesian.x)
Uvel16  km/s U 1 sigma lower bound (uvel_16) (phys.veloc;pos.cartesian.x;stat.error)
Uvel84  km/s U 1 sigma upper bound (uvel_84) (phys.veloc;pos.cartesian.x;stat.error)
Vvel50  km/s V in Galactic frame (vvel_50) (phys.veloc;pos.cartesian.y)
Vvel16  km/s V 1 sigma lower bound (vvel_16) (phys.veloc;pos.cartesian.y;stat.error)
Vvel84  km/s V 1 sigma upper bound (vvel_84) (phys.veloc;pos.cartesian.y;stat.error)
Wvel50  km/s W in Galactic frame (wvel_50) (phys.veloc;pos.cartesian.z)
Wvel16  km/s W 1 sigma lower bound (wvel_16) (phys.veloc;pos.cartesian.z;stat.error)
Wvel84  km/s W 1 sigma upper bound (wvel_84) (phys.veloc;pos.cartesian.z;stat.error)
GUNNPSO J135928.645+7124   Name in external catalogue,, PSO or NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN (Gaia DR2 source_id) (NAME_GUNN) (
r_GUNN2016arXiv161205560C   GUNN reference bibcode (REFNAME_GUNN) (Note 1)   (meta.ref;pos.frame)
gmag 18.500 mag GUNN g magnitude (gmag_GUNN) (phot.mag;em.opt.B)
e_gmag 0.009 mag Error on gmag (egmagGUNN) (stat.error;phot.mag)
rmag 17.342 mag GUNN r magnitude (rmag_GUNN) (phot.mag;em.opt.R)
e_rmag 0.005 mag Error on rmag (ermagGUNN) (stat.error;phot.mag)
imag 15.759 mag GUNN i magnitude (imag_GUNN) (phot.mag;em.opt.I)
e_imag 0.010 mag Error on imag (eimagGUNN) (stat.error;phot.mag)
zmag 15.022 mag GUNN z magnitude (zmag_GUNN) (phot.mag;em.opt.I)
e_zmag 0.004 mag Error on zmag (ezmagGUNN) (stat.error;phot.mag)
2MASS13592869+7124430   2MASS name, HHMMSSss+DDMMSSs (NAME_2MASS) (Note 2)   (
Jmag 13.369 mag J magnitude (jm2MASS) (phot.mag;em.IR.J)
e_Jmag 0.026 mag Error on Jmag (jmsig2MASS) (stat.error;phot.mag)
Hmag 12.810 mag H magnitude (hm2MASS) (phot.mag;em.IR.H)
e_Hmag 0.015 mag Error on Hmag (hmsig2MASS) (stat.error;phot.mag)
Ksmag 12.562 mag Ks magnitude (km2MASS) (phot.mag;em.IR.K)
e_Ksmag 0.028 mag Error on Ksmag (kmsig2MASS) (stat.error;phot.mag)
WISEJ135928.63+712441.7   CATWISE name, (NAME_WISE) (Note 3)   (
W1mag 12.431 mag CATWISE W1 magnitude (w1mpropmWISE) (phot.mag;em.IR.3-4um)
e_W1mag 0.011 mag Error on W1mag (w1sigmpropmWISE) (stat.error;phot.mag)
W2mag 12.234 mag CATWISE W2 magnitude (w2mpropmWISE) (phot.mag;em.IR.4-8um)
e_W2mag 0.009 mag Error on W2mag (w2sigmpropmWISE) (stat.error;phot.mag)
W3mag 11.793 mag ALLWISE W3 magnitude (w3mpro_WISE) (phot.flux.density;em.IR.8-15um)
e_W3mag 0.163 mag Error on W3mag (w3sigmpro_WISE) (stat.error;phot.mag)
W4mag 9.517 mag ALLWISE W4 magnitude (w4mpro_WISE) (phot.flux.density;em.IR.15-30um)
e_W4mag  mag Error on W4mag (w4sigmpro_WISE) (stat.error;phot.mag)

GAIAEDR3CatGAIAEDR3Cat  Display the Gaia EDR3 (Cat. I/350) data (meta.ref.url)
_RA.icrs209.8695410 deg (i) Right Ascension (ICRS, epoch 2000) computed by CDS (pos.eq.ra)
_DE.icrs+71.4119349 deg (i) Declination (ICRS, epoch 2000) computed by CDS (pos.eq.dec)
elapse time 0

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