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  WISE/DEIMOS Redshift Catalog DR2 & extended data (Lake+, 2018)
    J/ApJ/866/44/table4(c)WISE/DEIMOS Redshift Catalog DR2; from erratum published in 2022, ApJ, 927, 240 (842 rows)
    J/ApJ/866/44/table8(c)The WISE/DEIMOS (Lake+ 2012, J/AJ/143/7) Extended Data (208 rows)
    J/ApJ/866/44/table9(c)The 6dFGS (Jones+ 2009, VII/259) Extended Data (27373 rows)
    J/ApJ/866/44/table10(c)The SDSS (Strauss+ 2002AJ....124.1810S and Ahn+ 2014ApJS..211...17A –see V/147) Extended Data (477133 rows)
    J/ApJ/866/44/table11(c)The GAMA (Liske+ 2015, J/MNRAS/452/2087) Extended Data (44489 rows)
    J/ApJ/866/44/table12(c)The AGES (Kochanek+ 2012, J/ApJS/200/8) Extended Data (5751 rows)
    J/ApJ/866/44/table13(c)The zCOSMOS (Lilly+ 2009, J/ApJS/184/218) Extended Data (1224 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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