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  Host-galaxy NUV-NIR data of 32 superluminous SNe (Perley+, 2016)
    J/ApJ/830/13/table1(c)Superluminous Supernovae from PTF[timeSerie] (32 rows)
    J/ApJ/830/13/table2Photometry of SLSN hosts (273 rows)
    J/ApJ/830/13/slsnhostsPhotometric properties and emission-line fluxes and diagnostics for PTF SLSN hosts (tables 4-6) (35 rows)
  Circumstellar-interacting supernovae (Taddia+, 2015)
    J/A+A/580/A131/table1(c)Sample and basic data of 63 (38 SNe IIn, 6 SNe Ibn, 1 SN Ia-CSM, 18 SN IMs) CSI SN host galaxies (60 rows)
    J/A+A/580/A131/table2Log of the photometric and spectroscopic observations at the Nordic Optical Telescope with ALFOSC (35 rows)
    J/A+A/580/A131/table3Deprojected and normalized distance from the host center and line ratios for the HII regions with observed spectrum (141 rows)
    J/A+A/580/A131/table5Apparent (u/U,B,V,R/r/unf.,I/i) peak magnitudes, galactic and host extinction for the SNe IIn, Ibn, and Ia-CSM of our sample (42 rows)
    J/A+A/580/A131/table6Absolute (U/u,B,V,R/r/unf.,I/i) peak magnitudes for the SNe IIn, Ibn, and Ia-CSM of our sample (42 rows)
    J/A+A/580/A131/table7Wind velocity and mass-loss rate for a subsample of CSI SNe (IIn, Ibn, Ia-CSM). (29 rows)
    J/A+A/580/A131/refsReferences (56 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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