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  UMa Group (Soderblom+ 1993)
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1.J/AJ/105/226/table1Stellar kinematic groups (14 rows)
2.J/AJ/105/226/table3Echelle spectroscopy of UMaG candidates (35 rows)
3.J/AJ/105/226/table5Spectroscopic membership indicators for UMaG solar-type stars (46 rows)
4.J/AJ/105/226/table7Kinematics of UMaG solar-type candidates (40 rows)
5.J/AJ/105/226/table10Kinematics of additional UMaG candidates (27 rows)
6.J/AJ/105/226/table11Summary of UMaG membership (43 rows)

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Column  Constraint Explain   (UCD)
  (ALL)recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  (1+3+6)Name (char) Group name (;meta.main)
  (1+4+5)U km/s U space velocity (phys.veloc)
  (1+4+5)V km/s V space velocity (phys.veloc)
  (1+4+5)W km/s W space velocity (phys.veloc)
  (1)Ref (char) References (meta.ref)
  (2+4+5+6)HD  Henry Draper number (;meta.main)
  (2+4+5+6)m_HD (char) Multiplicity index on HD number (meta.code.multip)
  (2+3)l_vsini (char) limit flag on vsini (meta.code.error)
  (2+3)vsini km/s []? Rotational velocity (phys.veloc.rotat)
  (2)l_WHalpha (char) Limit flag on Walpha (meta.code.error)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (2)WHalpha 0.1pm []? Equivalent width of Halpha line (spect.line.eqWidth)
  (2)l_W8498 (char) Limit flag on W8498 (meta.code.error)
  (2)W8498 0.1pm []? Equivalent width of 8498A feature (spect.line.eqWidth)
  (2)l_W8542 (char) Limit flag on W8542 (meta.code.error)
  (2)W8542 0.1pm []? Equivalent width of 8542A feature (spect.line.eqWidth)
  (2)l_W8662 (char) Limit flag on W8662 (meta.code.error)
  (2)W8662 0.1pm Equivalent width of 8662A feature (spect.line.eqWidth)
  (2)l_RHalpha (char) Limit flag on RHalpha (meta.code.error)
  (2)log(RHalpha)   []? Chromospheric flux ratio (stellar surface flux divided by bolometric flux) for Halpha (phot.flux;arith.ratio)
  (2)u_RHalpha (char) Uncertainty flag (only for star HD 141003B) (meta.code.error)
  (2)l_R8498 (char) Limit flag on R8498 (meta.code.error)
  (2)log(R8498)   []? Chromospheric flux ratio for 8498A feature (phot.flux;arith.ratio)
  (2)l_R8542 (char) Limit flag on R8542 (meta.code.error)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (2)log(R8542)   []? Chromospheric flux ratio for 8542A feature (phot.flux;arith.ratio)
  (2)l_R8662 (char) Limit flag on R8662 (meta.code.error)
  (2)log(R8662)  Chromospheric flux ratio for 8662A feature (phot.flux;arith.ratio)
  (3+6)Member (char) [abc] a: Probable spectroscopic member b: Possible spectroscopic member c: Probable spectroscopic non-member (meta.code.member)
  (3)Wooley (char) Number in catalog of Woolley, et al. (1970) (
  (3)HD/HDE  Henry Draper number (;meta.main)
  (3)m_HD/HDE (char) Multiplicity index on HD or HDE number (meta.code.multip)
  (3+6)HR   []? Harvard Revised (Bright Star) number (
  (3+6)m_HR (char) Multiplicity index on HR number (meta.code.multip)
  (3+6)HR_data (char) Link to all parameters and notes from the Bright Star Catalogue (meta.note)
  (3+6)Sp (char) Spectral type (Note 1)   (src.spType)
  (3+6)B-V mag []? (B-V) color from Nicolet (1978) or Woolley et al. (1970) (phot.color;em.opt.B;em.opt.V)
  (3)u_B-V (char) uncertainty flag on B-V (meta.code.error)

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 (i)indexed column
  (3+6)Teff K []? Effective temperature (phys.temperature.effective)
  (3)u_Teff (char) uncertainty flag on Teff (meta.code.error)
  (3)l_R' (char) [<H] limit flag on R'(HK). An 'H' indicating that Log(R') is instead an eye estimate of H and K emission strength from Wilson & Woolley (1970) (meta.code.error)
  (3)logR'   []? Chromospheric flux ratio of the Ca II H and K emission features (phot.flux;arith.ratio)
  (3)u_logR' (char) uncertainty flag on R' (meta.code.error)
  (3)n_R(hk) (char) [I] An 'I', indicating logR(hk) is an I(Mg II) value (meta.note)
  (3)logR(hk)   []? Rescaled index, the Mg II h and k emission flux divided by the stellar bolometric flux and reduced to the scale of the Ca II H and K emission in logR' (phot.flux;arith.ratio)
  (3)l_R(TR) (char) limit flag on R(TR) (meta.code.error)
  (3)logR(TR)   []? Rescaled index, the emission flux of three strong features in IUE spectra (N I 1240 A, Si IV 1400 A, and C IV 1550 A) combined to produce an index of emission from the star's transition region (TR), reduced to the scale of the Ca II H and K lines as a (spect.index)
  (3)l_R(Halpha) (char) uncertainty flag on R(Halpha) (meta.code.error)
  (3)logR(Halpha)   []? Rescaled index, logR(Halpha). (spect.index)
  (3)u_R(Halpha) (char) rms uncertainty on R(Halpha) (meta.code.error)
  (3)l_R(IRT) (char) uncertainty flag on R(IRT) (meta.code.error)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (3)logR(IRT)   []? Rescaled index, for the Ca II infrared triplet. (spect.index)
  (3)e_vsini km/s []? rms uncertainty in v sin i (stat.error)
  (4+5)plx mas Parallax from the latest Yale Parallax Catalog (van Altena et al. 1992) (pos.parallax.trig)
  (4+5)e_plx mas []? rms uncertainty on plx (stat.error)
  (4+5)pmRA mas/yr Proper motion in right ascension from the Catalog of Positons and Proper Motions (PPM, Roeser & Bastian 1989) (;pos.eq.ra)
  (4+5)e_pmRA mas/yr rms uncertainty on pmRA (stat.error)
  (4+5)pmDE mas/yr Proper motion in declination from the PPM (;pos.eq.dec)
  (4+5)e_PMDE mas/yr rms uncertainty on pmDE (stat.error)
  (4+5)RV km/s []? Radial velocity from Evans (1980) (phys.veloc;pos.heliocentric)
  (4+5)e_RV km/s []? rms uncertainty on RV (stat.error)
  (4+5)e_U km/s []? rms uncertainty on U (stat.error)
  (4+5)e_V km/s []? rms uncertainty on V (stat.error)
  (4+5)e_W km/s []? rms uncertainty on W (stat.error)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (4+5)plx2 mas []? Parallax the star must have if V is forced to a value of +2.0 km/s, given its observed radial velocity RV (table7 only) (pos.parallax.trig)
  (4+5)MV2 mag []? Absolute visual magnitude that follows from the parallax plx2 (table7 only) (phys.magAbs;em.opt)
  (4+5)RV2 km/s []? Radial velocity that results if the parallax is held fixed and the space motion V is forced to +2.0 km/s (table7 only) (phys.veloc;pos.heliocentric)
  (4+5)U2 km/s []? U space velocity derived from using the observed radial velocity RV2 and the parallax plx2 (table7 only) (phys.veloc)
  (4+5)W2 km/s []? W space velocity derived from using the observed radial velocity RV2 and the parallax plx2 (table7 only) (phys.veloc)
  (6)Mv mag Absolute visual magnitude (phys.magAbs;em.opt)
  (6)Rem (char) Remarks (meta.note)

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 (i)indexed column
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