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  Atomic Spectral Line List (Hirata+ 1995)
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1.VI/69/catalogThe catalogue of Atomic Spectral Lines (629771 rows)
2.VI/69/refsThe references (1799 rows)

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Column  Constraint Explain   (UCD)
  (ALL)recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  (1)ION   [101/9202] Ion number (e.g. 2602 for Fe II) (phys.atmol.ionization)
  (1)lambda nm (i) Wavelength in nanometres (10Angstroems) (em.wl)
  (1)n_lambda (char) [-+] Note on lambda: '-'=vacuum wavelength (1) '+'= air wavelength (Note 1)   (meta.note)
  (1)Hyb (char) [-#0-9] Hybridation as: numerals: number of component (2) '#' : composite line (2) '-' : component for which (2) composite wavelength is given elsewhere. (meta.note)
  (1)r_lambda (char) Reference number for lambda (meta.ref)
  (1)Rem1 (char) [FRSMWhi] Remark 'F' : forbidden (3) 'R' : forbidden,quadrupole (3) 'S' : standard wavelength (3) 'M','W': secondary standard (3) 'h' : hyperfine structure detected or hyperfine component 'i' : isotope (meta.note)
  (1)Rem2 (char) [SFhi] Remark 'S' : solar (3) 'F' : flare (3) 'h' : hyperfine structure detected or hyperfine component 'i' : isotope (meta.note)
  (1)Rem3 (char) [AN?] Remark 'A' : upper state autoionizing (3) 'N' : unclassified (3) '?' : line appeared in K000 or K002, but is rejected from current term analysis. (meta.note)
  (1)Rem4 (char) [AMNPQ?] Remark 'A' : observed in absorption (3) 'M' : unclassified, uncertain (3) ionization 'N' : unclassified (3) 'P' : predicted (3) 'Q' : questionable or uncertain classification (3) '?' : same as in Rem3 (meta.note)
  (1)gf1   [/3] Primary log gf value (phys.atmol.wOscStrength)

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 (i)indexed column
  (1)q_gf1 (char) [ E?<L0-9] quality of gf1 numerals: 1,000 x error(dex) (4) ' E' : error>50% (4) '? ' or ' ?': questionable (5) ' <' : upper limit ' L' : our conversion from multiplet gf into its components(LS coupling) ' EL' : combination of 'E' & 'L' above (meta.code.qual)
  (1)r_gf1 (char) Reference number for gf1 (meta.ref)
  (1)gf2   [/3] Secondary log gf value (phys.atmol.wOscStrength)
  (1)q_gf2 (char) [ E?<L0-9] Quality of gf2, the meaning is same as in q_gf1 (meta.code.qual)
  (1)r_gf2 (char) Reference number for gf2 (meta.ref)
  (1)Int1 (char) Laboratory intensity 1 (Note 6)   (spect.line.intensity)
  (1)r_Int1 (char) Reference number for Int1 (meta.ref)
  (1)Int2 (char) Laboratory intensity 2 (Note 6)   (spect.line.intensity)
  (1)r_Int2 (char) Reference number for Int2 (meta.ref)
  (1)r_class (char) Reference number for line classification (meta.ref)
  (1)Mult (char) Multiplet number (Note 7)   (phys.atmol.level)
  (1)r_Mult (char) [=AKMNQCS] source of multiplet number 'M' : Moore(refs.0488 or 1015) '=' : doubly defined in refs.0488 & 1015 'A' : Moore's new multiplet tables(C,N,O,Si) or Adelman's table(Mn I & Co II) 'K' : Kelly(1983,=K001) 'N' : NBS gf-compilation(W001 etc.) 'Q' : o (meta.ref)
  (1)E1 cm-1 [0/1.1e7] Lower energy level (cm^(-1)) (;phys.atmol.level)

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 (i)indexed column
  (1)n_E1 (char) [?A-Z] Note on E1: alphabetic: unknown constant to be added to E1 '?' : questionable E1 (meta.note)
  (1)g1   [1/98] Statistical weight of lower energy level (stat.weight;phys.atmol)
  (1)n_g1 (char) [#?0-9] Remark on g1 numerals: number of levels concerned '#' : "multiplet" g-value '?' : questionable (meta.note)
  (1)n_E1GA (char) [GA] Remark on E1 'G' : ground level 'A' : level above the first ionization limit (meta.note)
  (1)Term1 (char) Lower term (Note 8)   (phys.atmol.qn)
  (1)r_E1 (char) Reference number for E1 (meta.ref)
  (1)E2 cm-1 [1.e3/1.4e7] Upper energy level (cm^(-1)) (;phys.atmol.level)
  (1)n_E2 (char) [A-Z?] alphabetic: unknown constant to be added to E2 '?' : questionable E2 (meta.note)
  (1)g2   [1/98] statistical weight of upper energy level (stat.weight;phys.atmol)
  (1)n_g2 (char) [#?0-9] remark on g2, same as in n_g1 (meta.note)
  (1)n_E2GA (char) [GA] remark on E2, same as in n_E1GA (meta.note)
  (1)Term2 (char) Upper term (Note 8)   (phys.atmol.qn)
  (1)r_E2 (char) reference number for E2 (meta.ref)
  (1)gfKP   [/3] log gf given by Kurucz(K000 or K002) (phys.atmol.wOscStrength)
  (1)lamKP nm [0/99999] original wavelength in K000 or K002 (em.wl)
  (2)Refno (char) Reference number numeric code: defined by Kelly(1987,=K003) alphanumeric code: our definition (meta.ref)
  (2)Year yr [1914/1993] Published year (time.epoch)
  (2)Text (char) free format: from 11- : authors after * : journal after % : contents after # : number of lines appearing in the paper (meta.ref)

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